What To Do When Krampus Comes To Town (A Period Parody)

Knock, Knock! What is coming down the chimney…Krampus!


                         Rare Sighting Of Krampus Out Of The Chimney

Hey Voguettes! Don’t you hate Krampus? You know, the little red monster that visits you once a month? What Krampus did you think I was talking about? Here are some tips to get you through Krampus.

  1. First of all, Advil=Krampus repellent. It will help keep that little red monster from cramping your style!

2. Stick a panty liner under your chimney! It really helps! (Stocking      Stuffers for your chimney also work as well!)

3.When selecting your trousers for the day, it’s best to go with Christmas Colors, because you wouldn’t want Krampus to leave his nasty mark on your winter whites.

4. A little tea can also douse the fire coming out of your red hot chimney!

5. And if you start to look like Santa Clause, don’t reach for your Christmas Cookies! And please, girl, avoid that salty ham!

Those are some tips from the underwear world! Don’t let Krampus dampen your spirits this holiday season (or your underwear!) Happy holidays Vougettes, and I hope these tips help when Krampus comes down your chimney!