DIY Makeup Blender Cleanser

Hey Voguettes! Do you know when you get a new makeup sponge/blender, and it is all nice and new with a vibrant color, and a few days later it is brown? Yeah, well I’m having that felling. I tried to clean my blender with soap, but that didn’t work, so I decided to make  my own cleaner!

What You Need:

Dirty Beauty Blender

Dish Soap

Olive oil

IMG_4151Equal Parts Dish Soap and Olive Oil

IMG_4156Dip Into Olive Oil

IMG_4157Dip Into Dish Soap

IMG_4160Run Water On It

IMG_4158Squeeze Out

Repeat until clean, then let air dry.

Before                                   After                                                                                                                                  IMG_4152IMG_4162

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