Back To School Essentials

Hey Voguettes! I know nobody wants to talk about it, but that time is near! Back to school shopping, and getting supplies has come upon us. Lets all try to make it a good year by starting off with these awesome essentials!

IMG_4084                                                                                                     The Essentials


1) Deodorant- You never want to get stinky!

2) Hand Sanitizer- Flu season is coming, and this is a good way to keep off the germs

3) On The Go Tooth Brushes- These for after lunch

4) Q-Tips- The uses for these are endless!


5) Tissue- You always need them for something

6) Mints- They are great way to make your breath smell better after lunch

7) Concealer- Always good for touch ups after gym!

8) Chap Stick- When it gets cold in the winter, you don’t want your lips to crack and bleed!

9) Dental Sticks- They are great if you have something caught in your teeth



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