Beach Essentials

Hey voguettes! Today I will be showing you some of my fave beach essentials!ย beach

Yes I did! Here are some of my top picks to bring to the beach!


1.Sunscreen-to protect yourself from getting a bad burn

2.Comb- to fix your hair from that wind!

3. Tissues-it seems like you always need them for something!

4.Sunglasses-to protect your eyes from UV rays

5.Waterproof mascara-if you plan to go anywhere near water, bring waterproof mascara for an easy look that will last all day

6.Face mist- it will hydrate your face, and leave you with a dewy finish!

7.Dry shampoo- if your hair is looking oily, just squirt some in, and it will fix the problem

8.Hair ties- you can never have too many!

9.Speaker-so you can listen to your fave tunes all day!

10.Chap stick with SPF- it will protect your lips from the sun, and make them smooth

beach chloe

(Model= Chloe the Cat)


26 thoughts on “Beach Essentials

  1. samstearman1980 says:

    Hi I’ve just nominated you for the creative blogger award. Please head over to my page adorebeauty2 and check out the rules. I found this a lot of fun to do, and its a great chance for people to find new pages to visit. Hope you enjoy Love Sam x

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