Makeup Storage

Hey Voguettes! Today I am going to show you how I store my makeup! IMG_4102

The  whole collection.                                                                     IMG_4094

On the top, I store my everyday makeup, and sample sizes.


High end products.

IMG_4096                                                                                              Eye shadow Singles.                                                             IMG_4097                                                                                     Costume Makeup                                                                       IMG_4098                                                                                        Makeup I don’t use a lot.                                                        IMG_4099

Chapstick, brushes, perfume and more.


Loccitane products                                                                          IMG_4100                                                                                            Shadow pallets.

bonnie blog


Skin Care Routine

Hey Voguettes! Today I will be showing you my skin care routine!


I start off my day by using the Clear Pore Cleanser from Neutrogena . This cleanser helps prevent breakouts, and it retails for $7.99 at most drugstores.


Next, I put on the Neutrogena  On The Spot Acne Treatment, and this works like magic for me! It makes acne go away in no time! It retails for $7.49 at most drugstores as well, and I very highly recommend this product!


later in the day before I go to bed, I wash my face with the Saint Ives Green Tea Scrub. This prevents acne and also prevents black heads as well. This retails for $4.49, at drugstores, and really takes care of blackheads! Lastly, I reaply the Acne Treatment, before I go to bed.

bonnie acne

(Model = Bonnie)

July Favorites

Hey Voguettes! Today I will be showing you my July Favorites!


1) Loccitane Face Mist

2)Too Faced Glow To Go

3)Korres Lip Butter

4)Bath and Body Works Blueberry Hand Sanitizer


5)Loccitane Shower Gel

6)Eco Tools Blush Brush

7) NYX Lipbutter


8)Essence Liquid Eyeliner Pen

9)ELF Eyelash Curler

10)Loreal Visaible Lift Foundation


( Model=Doodle The Dog)

The Face Behind The Picture: A Model’s Story

Hey Voguettes! I recently posted a Beach Essentials, and it got tons of likes-and I think we all know why! Chloe was featured in that post with a picture that captured her beauty as she looked up at the camera, with a sassy look on her face. Since she is going to be featured a lot on this blog, I thought you mind as well know a little bit about her.

famous cat 003 One of Chloe’s First Head Shot

Chloe came into a local shelter at only 8 weeks old, she was an abandoned kitten, and later we found out, she had a bright future. She started modeling at only 3 years old with her friend Chow.

Her modeling started out as small photos for just our family to pin up on walls, but then it became something bigger. Soon, she was modeling for family Christmas cards, and more. She loved the attention, and over the years, there have been cats that have fought for her heart, including Lucky and Minkum, but Chow stole her heart after many years of living together.

DSC02801Lucky and MinkumIMG_0369Valentines Dayclyde costume 003Chow

As she got older, Chloe went missing for a few days, and Chow and her modeling agency got very worried.She was found days later in a trailer that accidentally got shut-somebody call Naked and Afraid, because Chloe would be a winner. After 3 days in the trailer without food or water, when she finally got out she decided to live life a little bit more, and became a wild child, bringing squirrels into her home frequently, and mingling with Lucky and Minkum.

Later in life, Chloe became a plus size model, and stole lots of hearts with her exclusive Valentines Day photo. Chloe has recently retired at age 10, and only does special appearances. She lives happily at home with Chow, and naps all day, while sometimes coming out for attention. She occasionally tries to hunt, yet doesn’t realize that she is practically a giant snowball, and not so sneaky.

chloe blogChloe sleeping while loving retirementhi 003.bonnie shoot 004clyde costume 004

Beach Essentials

Hey voguettes! Today I will be showing you some of my fave beach essentials! beach

Yes I did! Here are some of my top picks to bring to the beach!


1.Sunscreen-to protect yourself from getting a bad burn

2.Comb- to fix your hair from that wind!

3. Tissues-it seems like you always need them for something!

4.Sunglasses-to protect your eyes from UV rays

5.Waterproof mascara-if you plan to go anywhere near water, bring waterproof mascara for an easy look that will last all day

6.Face mist- it will hydrate your face, and leave you with a dewy finish!

7.Dry shampoo- if your hair is looking oily, just squirt some in, and it will fix the problem

8.Hair ties- you can never have too many!

9.Speaker-so you can listen to your fave tunes all day!

10.Chap stick with SPF- it will protect your lips from the sun, and make them smooth

beach chloe

(Model= Chloe the Cat)


Hey Voguettes! This is a outfit for summer fashion on a budget. Hope you enjoy and subscribe if you liked it. XoXo ValsVogue.                                                                                                                                         sand

Sandals: Designer Clothing Outlet $15


Shorts: Tj Maxx $10


Shirt: Tj Maxx $7

Final Look On A Budget= $32